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Steve Duly, Commercial Manager, Wastecycle

“Such is the standard of workmanship from RVS that the remanufactured bodies are immaculate, so if we need to we can mount them onto new chassis in a year or two. Remanufacturing has provided us with a flexible, cost effective and sustainable way to renew our fleet that enables us to stand by the principles of recycling that are the foundation of our business. With some current new vehicle lead times anything between 6 & 12 months, the remanufactured option allows us to respond very quickly to demand for our services. Next time we will go straight to RVS.”

Paul Baker, Managing Director, Bakers Waste

“RVS provides us with a unique, flexible service, which is essential to helping us get the most out of our vehicles.  Not only have they supplied us with superbly presented Quality Used vehicles that genuinely offer the same lifetime as a new vehicle, they have remanufactured some of our existing fleet to extend the life of those vehicles. RVS also supply us with parts, and provide technical support, for minor refurbishments carried out at our own workshop.”

Simon Almond, Managing Director, Devon Contract Waste

“RVS has a solution for everything refuse-vehicle related and I honestly don’t know any other company with their range of expertise and capabilities.  Usually if we order a new refuse vehicle it is our responsibility to choose the body and the chassis and specify the bin lifting equipment plus the vehicle ancillaries.  That is time-consuming and we might not choose the best solution.  RVS does all that for us.  We have put our trust in them time and again and they’ve never let us down. They take our older trucks, and find a place for them, so we maximise the value of our assets and the Parts department can source anything we need. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Donagh O'Sullivan, Managing Director, Galliard Construction

"We purchased a Quality Used refuse vehicle from RVS a few years ago and we have been very impressed with both the presentation and performance of the vehicle so naturally we went back to them when we needed to expand our fleet again.  This time they have remanufactured a vehicle to our exact specifications and we have saved around 50% of the cost had we bought it direct from the manufacturer.  It promises the same operational longevity but has enabled us to reduce our capital spend so its a win win, plus we know from previous experience that the after sales support from RVS is exemplary."

Irvine Morrison, General Manager – East, William Tracey Group

"The standard of the vehicles from RVS is such they provide a cost effective, practical and sustainable alternative to buying new when we need to expand our fleet. Reusing vehicles in this way complements our mission to achieve zero waste for our business as well as our customers."

Mark Taylor, Managing Director, Aspects Solutions Ltd

"RVS are the first people I went to and I’m already planning on purchasing more vehicles from them in the future. Spencer and the team at RVS do a fantastic job and the vehicles are in mint condition."

Phillip Stone, Select Environmental Services

"The great thing about RVS is that you can trust them.  Their attention to detail is excellent and they are very particular about the vehicles they supply.  I’m a perfectionist but they notice things about vehicles that even I don’t. We have been let down in the past with used vehicles but I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to RVS. Their reputation speaks for itself, and in future when we need a new vehicle they will be my first port of call."

Rob Bell, Managing Director, Ubico Ltd

"We are delighted with the quality of service and product RVS is providing and their professional approach has made the purchase of quality used vehicles the most cost effective and efficient way to update our fleet."

Sean Spoors, General Manager, Nordic Recycling

"We investigated the second hand market place and RVS were recommended to us time and again. When we visited RVS we liked what we saw and compared to the other providers we spoke to, they were much more professional and responsive. The crew are also delighted with the new vehicles and that all the vehicles will be the same. They are also relieved not to suffer vehicles that break down all the time."

Joe Roger, Director, Fresh Start Waste Services

"Thank you again for your help, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you and your services."

Chris Brown, Assistant Fleet Manager- Denbighshire County Council

"RVS delivered us an immaculate, fully MOT’d, serviced and re-sprayed used truck in under 5 weeks.  It’s difficult to tell the vehicle apart from a new truck, such is the quality of presentation.”

Mark Cairns, Transport Manager- Binnwaste Management

 “We visited RVS and we were very impressed with what we saw.  We got a brilliant motor for half the cost of a new one and it was delivered in under 9 weeks. There is no reason for us to go elsewhere.”

Danny Healey, Transport & Logistics Manager- Malvern Hills District Council

“Four weeks after we’d seen the vehicles, they were delivered to us, I couldn’t believe they were the same vehicles. Put them side by side with our new vehicles and you can’t tell the difference.”

Vince Whelan, Managing Director- London Waste Solutions

“We are delighted with the service from RVS and the vehicle is in stunning condition. We would definitely consider purchasing more vehicles from RVS in the future.”

Andy Gibbons, Managing Director- Equinox Recycling Ltd

"RVS had a vehicle matching our needs and re-manufactured the body and bin lifts to such a superb standard. The vehicle is unrecognisable from its original state and the service from RVS has been spot on."

Mike Banham, General Manager- Shorts Group

“The quality of refuse trucks from RVS is difficult to tell apart from new vehicles, and the cost is around 40% less, which is significant.  All in all we felt the RVS vehicles offered us a better spend for our money and we’re not disappointed. The vehicles are immaculate.”

Martin Britchford, Fleet Buyer - Swindon Commercial Services

"You would think it was a new vehicle, such is its condition, both inside and out.  Even now some of the crew just can’t accept that it is a re-manufactured vehicle because it looks brand new.

I would have no hesitation in obtaining more vehicles from RVS.  There is definitely a niche in the market place for this kind of quality of second hand vehicle."

Jon Wiley, Managing Director- TQ Recycling

“The vehicles are immaculate and offer a far greater return on investment than buying new. The RVS team have been nothing but helpful and we won’t hesitate to go back again for more vehicles.”

Neil Taylor, Managing Director - Neil Taylor Paper Recycling Ltd

"The vehicle was presented to us in superb condition and has impressed our existing clients as well asattracting the attention of some new customers. We have been able to expand our collection capabilities and meet the needs of a wider range of clients."

Phillip Stopp, General Manager - Logistics, Grundon Waste Management Ltd

"The knowledge and technical abilities of the RVS team are second to none, both in re-manufacturing and modifying vehicles.  The vehicles are of a very high calibre, and the service is always reliable and efficient."

David Harrison - Galliard Construction Limited

"RVS response and service has been excellent. We needed a replacement vehicle that conformed to the latest Euro 4 emmisions and were provided with with a superb quality second hand vehicle, remanufactured to a high specification and fully compliant with regulations. The savings were significant too; the same vehicle, bought new, would have cost three times as much."

David Hamer, Group Managing Director - Pakawaste Limited

"RVS have supplied the majority of vehicles for our new hire division and we are delighted with every aspect of their service. The vehilces were remanufactured to the highest standards, MOT'd and serviced before being delivered 'as new', all in under 6 weeks. Since then the after-sales and back up service has been terrific."