BRAND NEW Euro 6 2020 Scania, Dennis Olympus, Beta 2 Trade Binlift

Product code: RVS-425

Chassis Specification

Brand: Scania
Model: P280
1st reg: 2020
Axles: 6x2RS
Mileage: 00 km
Cab Type: Driver plus one
GVW: 26,000kg
Condition: New

Body Specification

Make: Dennis
Model: Olympus 23W
Condition: New

Bin Lift Specification

Make: Dennis
Model: Beta 2 Trade
Condition: New

Additional Information

BRAND NEW Euro 6 2019 Scania P280, Dennis Olympus, c/w Beta 2 Trade Binlift - AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR CONTRACT HIRE

6x2 Rear Steer, 23m3 body, Automatic Gearbox, Option for VWS Bin Weighing System, Digital Tachograph, Reverse camera system.


Full Scania and Dennis Eagle Warranty.

- LED Daytime Running Lights

- Smooth Sided One Piece Construction

- Roof Mounted Hopper Lift Rams

- Integral Hopper Safety Prop

- Fully Integrated CANbus Logic System

- Off-side Access Door for UK Operations

- In-Cab Control Panel & CCTV Colour Monitor

- Body Cycle & Run Hour Display in Monitor

- Quiet & Efficient Hydraulic System

- Keeled Floor for Liquid Run-off

- Auto Cycle, Continuous Cycle & Manual Override

- Full Height Hopper Seals

- In-Cab & Dual Controls

- Front of Body Drain Hose

- Short Rear Overhang

- High Tensile Steel Ejection Plate

- Waterproof Side Mounted Electrical Junction Box

- Heavy Duty Packer Plate

- ‘Sealed for Life’ Bearings

- 18 Second Cycle Time (Nominal)

- Rear View Camera

- 125 litre Hydraulic Tank c/w Remote Pressure Fill

- Inbuilt Front of Body Sump (100mm Deep)

- 10 Micron Return Line Filter

- Water Dam at Front of Body (350mm)

- 8mm Tailgate Floor

- Number & Colour Coded Wiring

- LED Side Marker Lights

- IP67 Wiring & IP69 Switches

- Interlocks Prevent Operation Unless Tailgate Down

Additional notes

Dynamic or Static Bin weighing can be fitted to this vehicle on request.



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