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Business as (the new) usual

COVID-19 Update

We would like to reassure all of our customers, suppliers and industry colleagues that Refuse Vehicle Solutions is very much open for business. We are continuing to take vehicle orders, hire vehicles and service customers’ fleets, as well as provide refurbishment and repair services.

Every precaution is being taken to protect people against the threat of Coronavirus, both at our sites and at our customers’ premises. COVID-19 procedures and risk assessments are in place and regularly reviewed or updated in line with any changes from the UK government. All staff wear facemasks when going between offices. Our engineers and workshop technicians wear gloves and face masks at all times to minimise potential contamination. Other measures include the thorough cleaning of vehicle cabs, with particular attention to ‘touch points’ before being returned to customers.

Pat Carroll, Compliance Manager, RVS: “RVS has gone above and beyond current government advice and put in place stringent controls across all areas of the business. RVS field engineers carry COVID kits, which include face masks, gloves and sanitising wipes, with full instructions on how to handle themselves when visiting customer sites to repair, collect or deliver vehicles. The health, safety and welfare of our staff, customers, suppliers and visitors remain paramount. We will continue to monitor the situation and make any necessary changes to maintain this.”

For more information on the government’s advice regarding COVID-19 visit

Business as (the new) usual