Increase Capacity and Make
Efficiency Savings with a Re-Manufactured Vehicle

We are delighted to welcome Swindon Commercial Services Ltd (SCS), a wholly owned company of Swindon Borough Council, as a new customer of RVS. SCS takes care
of the Authority's waste collection, recycling, grounds & housing maintenance and fleet services, and operates a fleet of 16 RCV's.

In September 2011, SCS came to us when
they were considering purchasing a second hand vehicle to replace an older vehicle.

Martin Britchford, Fleet Buyer, Swindon Commercial Services: "Our vehicle workshop manager recommended RVS to me as a potential supplier, so I got in touch to see if
they could meet our requirements for a quality second hand RCV."

Martin needed a vehicle with a trade lift and on-board weighing system.

Martin: "I visited RVS' premises and saw one
of their recently completed re-manufactured vehicles. It was pretty impressive."

We got the order and delivered the vehicle, matching Martin's exact specifications, within
3 weeks. The vehicle cost less than 20% of
the price of the new vehicle and has the same operational lifetime.

Martin: "You would think it was a new vehicle, such is its condition, both inside and out.
Even now some of the crew just can't believe that it is a re-manufactured vehicle because it looks brand new."

SCS were so impressed with the vehicle and the RVS service that they have just awarded
us a contract for 6 RCV's due for delivery in February!




Squeeze More Out
of your Existing

Waste operators in the private
sector are increasingly recognising the benefits of re-manufactured vehicle solutions.

Philip Stone, Managing Director
of Reading based Select Environmental Services; specialists in commercial waste collection, recycling, security shredding and hazardous waste management, explains:

"For operators like Select who
prefer to own their fleet, there
are a number of increasing factors that make re-manufactured refuse vehicles a more attractive option
to buying new. And, with the
in capital allowances, I can
certainly see benefits to our business if we can get a second
life out of existing equipment that has already been paid for.
Finance options are typically more restrictive for used vehicles, but as the chassis (and licence plate) for
a re-manufactured vehicle is as
new, we can negotiate much better repayment terms. This also helps cash flow providing a platform for sustainable growth."

Philip further added: "In some c
ases we have had to wait up to 9 months for a specialist body to be delivered and that potentially could mean losing out on an opportunity. Re-manufacturing a vehicle to
exact specifications can be done quickly and efficiently in a matter
of weeks if necessary."


If you currently have a need for a vehicle to cover any shortfall in capacity, purchasing a re-manufactured vehicle can be a much more cost efficient solution. Call us to find out if we have any suitable vehicles in stock..


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2010 Dennis, Euro 5, Twin Pack 20 70/30 Split, c/w Terberg OmniDEL Triple Bin Lift


2005, 18T, DAF LF 55, 4x2 Terberg TL25 Toploader
Options Available, Choice of 2


Refuse Vehicle Solutions are the leading remanufacturer of municipal vehicles, providing cost-efficient solutions to extending the life of your existing fleet, supplying as-new remanufactured refuse vehicle bodies on new or used chassis.

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