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RVS Breathes Second Life Into BIFFA Waste Vehicles

In line with its commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling BIFFA Municipal has handed over four of its Waste Collection Vehicles, to Refuse Vehicle Solutions Ltd (RVS) to be remanufactured and given a second life.

David Maidman, Operations Director, BIFFA Municipal said: “There is a lot of pressure on capital budgets and we are always looking for ways to get more value for money. Extending the life of some of our existing assets is a very attractive and cost effective solution. We knew the chassis’ of these vehicles had been well maintained so it was just the bodies and bin lifts that required work. Also, ‘recycling’ our own vehicles and enabling them to operate for another 5-7 years fits very well with our own green agenda.”

The vehicles were all Mercedes Econic chassis’ with Faun Variopress bodies, two with Terberg OmniDel Bin lifts and two with Zoeller Rotary Bin lifts. RVS remanufactured the bodies and bin lifts, putting them through a rigorous and meticulous process, stripping down the vehicles completely before replacing any worn or defective parts with new or remanufactured parts. One of the bin lifts was replaced with a fully remanufactured Terberg OmniDel bin lift.

Before being resprayed in BIFFA’s corporate livery the trucks were subjected to RVS’ final 72-point check.  Each vehicle took around six weeks to complete, which is much quicker than the typical lead-time when ordering a new vehicle, and from start to finish the whole process took 3 months.

Continued David: “All credit to Spencer and the team at RVS, the standard of workmanship and remanufacturing process puts these vehicles in a different class altogether. You can easily compare them with brand new vehicles. With vehicles of this quality, remanufacturing no longer has the stigma that it had years ago.”

BIFFA Municipal services around 40 Local Authority waste collection and recycling contracts across the UK, with a fleet of over 1000 vehicles, and is at the forefront of the drive to reduce waste going to landfill, and initiatives to re-use and recycle resources. The vehicles will be used for seasonal collections, as well as addressing unreliable contractual vehicles and providing support when other vehicles are undergoing service and maintenance.

Ian Coxhill, Group Fleet Engineer (Municipal), BIFFA Municipal said: “We are very happy with the vehicles and RVS’ approach.  Everything is discussed and agreed in advance and we are kept in the loop on progress.  If any issues arise we are involved in the decision making so in some ways it’s better than ordering a new vehicle. We even got to see the vehicles whilst they were in the process of being remanufactured. We are so pleased that we are planning on handing over more of our vehicles to RVS in the near future.”

RVS specialises in revitalising used refuse vehicles, stripping them down and replacing or repairing defective parts to provide high quality ‘as new’ vehicles that cost a fraction of the expense of a new vehicle. The company has the engineering capabilities to adapt, modernise or remanufacture any make or model of refuse vehicle to match each client’s individual needs and budget. 

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RVS Breathes Second Life Into BIFFA Waste Vehicles