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RVS RediTruck On Stand 11 At Southern Municipal Expo

Refuse Vehicle Solutions (RVS) will be showcasing one of its signature RediTruck vehicles at this year’s Southern Municipal Exhibition, which takes place on Thursday 12 May at the East Malling Research Centre, Kent.  

RediTruck was introduced by RVS to provide a more flexible service, by offering a rolling stock of brand new vehicles available for customers to drive away immediately.

RVS will also be promoting its new short or long-term Vehicle Hire service, launched last month.  The company has built up its own Customer Support Fleet, offering quality domestic and trade waste RCV’s at competitive rental rates.

Paul Brown, Commercial Director, RVS said: “The SME is a great opportunity for us to spread the word on the wide range of services we now offer. We do a lot more than remanufacture refuse vehicles although that is still an important part of our operations. Customers can purchase a new ‘ready for work’ refuse vehicle from us as part of our RediTruck service, eliminating the long lead times typically required by manufacturers.  We also offer a host of repair & maintenance packages, by contract or pay as you go, as well as finance, a low loader service and parts.  We have even built up our own Customer Support Fleet to help bridge any gaps in our customers’ fleet requirements whilst they are waiting for vehicles to be repaired, refurbished or replaced.”

For further information about RediTruck, Hire Vehicles or any other service contact RVS on 01453 899 131, email or visit


RVS RediTruck On Stand 11 At Southern Municipal Expo