BlogLatest NewsSpectrum Recycling are very impressed with the MOL VDK vehicles. See what they said!

Spectrum Recycling are very impressed with the MOL VDK vehicles. See what they said!

A Jewel in London’s crown

Family-run Spectrum Recycling has been operating in the capital for 30 years and services some of London’s most cherished landmarks and prestigious buildings.  The company is dedicated to delivering a zero to landfill waste and recycling service and is committed to operating an up-to-date fleet that complies with the latest emissions regulations. Testament to this their entire fleet is Euro 6 and Direct Vision Standard compliant, and all vehicles are fitted with camera systems and cyclist warning technology.

Refuse Vehicle Solutions Ltd (RVS) has been providing vehicle services to Spectrum Recycling since 2012 starting with the modification of a DAF LF55, sealing and water-proofing the container, to trial its new food waste collection service.  Since then, Spectrum has purchased a number of remanufactured vehicles from RVS.

Stands out from the crowd

In 2016 Spectrum Recycling took the plunge and purchased two 26T Pusher 4000 MOL VDK vehicles. 

Vince Whelan, Managing Director, Spectrum Recycling explains why: “We’d had recurring issues with some manufacturers’ vehicles, and we felt we needed vehicles that were more robust.  MOL vehicles are renowned for being hardy. We were impressed by the team at MOL who are very knowledgeable and flexible; they even redesigned the fork mechanism so that the forks don’t need to be removed for wheeled bins. As a result, the vehicle is a Rear End Loader incorporating a bin-lifting mechanism so we can lift bins, pallets, and bales, all on the same round.

 “MOL trucks stand out from other refuse vehicles. They are so well built and engineered and can take the abuse of heavy collections. The price tag is definitely worth it, and you save in the end because they keep going for longer and don’t break down as much as other makes.”

Unbeatable on compaction

The team at Spectrum were so impressed with the performance and sturdy nature of the MOL vehicles, especially the ability to lift compacted bales of waste, that they went on to purchase four more vehicles. In 2017 the company bought two 18t MOL VDK Ecomax vehicles and in 2019 they purchased two 26t MOL Pusher 4000 vehicles, all on Scania Chassis.

“We found that the compaction mechanism of other refuse vehicles would struggle with the demands of our operation, but the MOL compactor and bin lift just keep going and we weren’t restricted with 500kg. Our MOL vehicles can easily cope with 800kg.”

A marriage made in heaven

“We’ve been using RVS services for over 10 years and they are definitely experts in all kinds of waste and recycling vehicles. Taking over the MOL VDK distributorship is a marriage made in heaven, and their knowledge and skills will be a great benefit to MOL customers like us.” - Vince Whelan


We have a comprehensive range of MOL VDK refuse collection vehicles. Download our brochure here or call us on 01453 899 131 to help you find the ideal solution.

Spectrum Recycling are very impressed with the MOL VDK vehicles. See what they said!