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Sharon Bowdidge, General Manager, The Forest Group

"Could you please pass on my thanks to your technicians for doing a wonderful job on our lorry when it was with you. I have never seen the driver so happy with the lorry. Previously he would have picked the lorry up from Tewkesbury and then spend the next hour moaning about what they haven’t done and what they should have done. It was a pleasure to see him smiling and complimenting your work – thank you."

Shane Beadle, Director, Cornwall Waste Solutions

"At Cornwall Waste Solutions we are always looking to improve our services for our customers. After working with RVS previously, we are delighted to be receiving another one of their Quality Used Vehicles to add to our fleet. RVS' team of specialists are brilliant to work with and the customer service throughout has been great, allowing us to rest at ease knowing our order is being handled in the smoothest process"

Calvin Williams, Director, Clearaway UK

“When we quickly needed to source two new vehicles for our fleet, no one could match RVS for turnaround time. Within weeks we drove away with two brand new trucks that fit our individual specifications exactly with extra equipment such as front and rear strobe lights, rear work lamps, a cab beacon bar, a weighing system, a full paint job and our livery. RVS’s knowledgeable team were great to deal with, understanding our individual requirements, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Bancroft Tabannor, Owner, B6 Squeaky Clean

“We called RVS for a vehicle as we needed to prepare for the increase of waste with the lockdown restrictions lifting. We cover a lot of areas for waste collection and with festivals going ahead this year, we needed to increase our collection capacity. RVS made the whole journey so easy, and they were progressive to meet all our needs. During my time at the Cam site, everyone was so warm and friendly I can’t find a fault. We want to thank RVS for such a fantastic experience.”

Phil Gudgeon, Managing Director, Cawleys

"At Cawleys we have always moved with the times, investing in new technology as waste management has evolved from simple disposal to more sustainable approaches. It is great to work with a company like RVS that shares this journey and understands the sector and its demands inside out. RVS can tailor its vehicle hire options to suit our needs, providing swift delivery, great quality and ensure we have a fleet that can meet any challenge"

Rob Gundle, Director, AE Burgess & Sons Ltd

 “Although RVS are well known for supplying great quality used vehicles, four of which we have purchased on the past few years, they also provide brand new, off the shelf, commercial spec refuse trucks. They advise you what you need in terms of lifting kit or weighing equipment and they install it to the vehicle so it’s ready to go when it arrives."

Jamey Fitzgibbon, Operations Manager, FCS Cleaning Ltd

“Previously we have bought Quality Used vehicles from RVS and they are such a great company to work with that we wouldn’t go anywhere else. We’ve got a brand- new vehicle, fully equipped to the correct specification, much quicker than if we’d gone straight to the manufacturer.”

Michael McKee, Operations Manager at Avenue Recycling Ltd

“We urgently needed new vehicles to replace older trucks on our fleet that are costing a lot to maintain.  Prior to awarding the contract we researched numerous companies but came across Refuse Vehicle Solutions, and they have been fantastic. They have bent over backwards to meet our requirements and are the only supplier who could provide us with 9 brand-new ready for work vehicles in such a short timescale."

Paul Mintern, Director, Reef Environmental

“It’s good to know that we have back up if the vehicle breaks down. Should anything happen RVS will provide us with a hire vehicle within 24 hours, at no additional cost to us. It’s a huge comfort factor to have RVS behind us and allows me to get on with looking after the business. I’m very impressed with their approach and customer focus; there’s no pressure-selling and they are a friendly, family business like us.”

Grant Scott, Director, Hawkins & Scott

“A friend who runs a waste company recommended I talk to RVS and they’ve been great. They have managed the whole process for me and delivered the exact specification of vehicle and in a matter of weeks. The vehicle looks great and operates very well, and with RVS looking after it I hope it will stay that way for quite a few years.”

Abigail Johnson, Head of Commercial Waste, Mick George Ltd

“RVS took only 7 weeks to deliver the vehicles, which is a great response time and much quicker than it would usually take to get the vehicles directly from the manufacturer. The preventative maintenance support package is great too."

Gary Short, Managing Director, Shorts Group

“Our business is growing fast and we needed to extend our capacity quickly, and we couldn’t wait 6 months for a new vehicle. We have purchased Quality Used vehicles from RVS in the past so we know that they provide quality vehicles and a good service.  We decided to try their RediTruck service and we are delighted. The brand-new vehicle arrived, ready for work, built to our desired specification, within weeks of placing the order.”

James Capel, Managing Director, Simply Waste Solutions (SWS)

“The team at Refuse Vehicle Solutions have a wealth of specialist knowledge and skills so we asked them to help us maintain our fleet. They came in and assessed all of our vehicles before drawing up a specification of recommendations for each vehicle as well as a preventative maintenance schedule to service our vehicle bodies and bin lifts.The whole process has been seamless and we have noticed a big reduction in vehicle breakdowns.

The service we deliver to our customers is paramount and although many of our competitors don’t adopt this prevention rather than cure approach we know that it pays dividends. RVS act as our eyes and ears on the safety front, inspecting the vehicles regularly and comprehensively.”

Andrew Tyers, Operations Manager, W&S Recycling

"We were looking to hire vehicles as the new vehicles we had ordered hadn't arrived. We heard about RVS and their RediTruck service so we gave them a call. They had the exact vehicle we needed in stock with the correct specification. It's very rare to get the right vehicle 'off the shelf'. It was delivered within a matter of days and is in operation on our new contract. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to RVS again for more vehicles or to use their other services."

Phil Gudgeon, Head of Waste Collection, Cawleys

“We have had special livery designed to mark this momentous milestone in the company’s history. The vehicle looks and operates like a new vehicle, thanks to RVS. We are so impressed that we have just bought another one exactly the same and that will also be painted with our anniversary logo.

There’s not much the people at RVS don’t know about refuse trucks and we want our vehicles in the best hands. They are also very honest and good to work with so we are keen to build a long-term relationship with them.”

Darryn Hodges, Managing Director, Greenline Environmental

"RVS were recommended to me and I can’t fault them in any way. The vehicle is immaculate, the service has been excellent and the whole process has been hassle-free. We will definitely return when we need another vehicle.”

Simon Almond, Managing Director, DCW

“RVS understand our business and what we need from them.  Nothing is too much trouble and the quality of work is of a very high standard. We now have a greater confidence in our trucks because they are being kept in superb condition. From a business perspective the preventative approach certainly pays off. Our business is more efficient and we’ve reduced our repair bills."

Geoff Robins, Director, Printwaste

"These are specialist vehicles used in our new fast growing Energy From Waste service throughout Gloucestershire and they need to be looked after by someone who understands them. We were delighted to find RVS because they are just down the road but also hard to beat in terms of the quality of their work and the sheer depth of knowledge they have about refuse trucks. They take a great deal of pride in how they turn a vehicle out.

We have a very flexible approach and our ethos is very similar to that of RVS. We mould our services around our customers not the other way around and every one gets the same high level of service irrespective of what they spend with us.”

Tony Anderson, Resources Coordinator, Ahern

“The whole process with RVS has been fantastic and totally transparent. From the moment we gave them the order we received regular updates and they kept us up to speed regarding delivery. I’m sure we will be back soon to order more vehicles.”

Rob Gundle, Director, AE Burgess & Sons Ltd

“The finish on the Quality Used vehicle is fantastic and interior is second to none. How they managed it I don’t know! We’re looking forward to receiving the next one.

We are a family run company and we like dealing with RVS because they are a family company too. You get a really personal service. When we need a new vehicle Spencer visits us and advises us on the right equipment. We always go with his recommendations and we use their hire vehicles to fill any gaps.”

Iain Fortune, Fleet Manager, Bristol Waste Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol Council)

“We have a small work force and RVS has an excellent reputation for this kind of work.  They gave a competitive quote and are now undertaking a planned repair and service programme to give our vehicles a second lease of life.

RVS always exceed our expectations and the vehicles have come back in excellent condition. We say we need the vehicles on Friday and they deliver them on the Wednesday or Thursday! We are impressed and considering using their vehicle hire services in the future too.”

Jamey Fitzgibbon, Senior Grounds Engineer, FCS

“Over the past 5 years an increasing number customers have asked if we can take care of their waste disposal. Until recently we used to sub-contract the work but such is the demand that it makes sense for us to do it ourselves. Now our customers can call on us for everything – cleaning, grounds maintenance, security, property maintenance, recycling and waste collection.

I started researching refuse vehicles in 2014 and I kept coming across RVS but initially I thought they were too far away.  I contacted them a few times to get vehicle prices and they were so responsive and helpful so I made an appointment to visit and have a look at a vehicle.   They have been amazing and the vehicle is in superb condition.  They have bent over backwards to help us and Spencer calls me regularly to make sure everything is ok.  That kind of customer service is rare these days. We won’t hesitate to return when we need another vehicle.”

Jay Jones, Managing Director, Amber Services

"We are looking at different approaches as to how we finance the expansion and replacement of our fleet.

With the contract hire option from RVS we get a new vehicle for a fixed cost every month and we don’t need to worry about maintenance or repair bills. At the end of the term we can hand the vehicle back without worrying about its residual value."

Andrew Crawford, Crawfords of Beith

"We only had two weeks to replace a truck that had let us down and we had heard about RediTruck from RVS so we gave them a call. They delivered a brand new, ready for work refuse vehicle, in the exact spec we need, practically immediately. 

We usually purchase vehicles direct from the manufacturer but have to wait for 6 months or more. Following our experience with RVS we won't hesitate to go back to them in future. Everything has been spot on."

Andrew Saxton, Fleet Manager, Wiltshire Council

“The timeline of a contract changed and we considered hiring new vehicles. I have known Spencer at RVS for years so gave him a call. It worked out much better value to have the vehicles overhauled rather than hiring vehicles. In fact it has cost us a fraction of what we would have spent on rental charges.”

Andy Bishop, Director, Wilrose Environmental

“We have been trialling different vehicles to see what works best but we are now in a position to replace some of our hire vehicles. We have known Spencer for a long time and RVS have a great reputation so we have chosen them as our supplier.

The company has purchased two brand new Mercedes Arocs, Hyva Skiploaders and a 32 tonne Mercedes Arocs, with Hyva Hooklift. All three vehicles are fitted with a sheeting system”

Jason Taylor, Group Commercial Manager, The Recycling Partnership

“We are delighted with the vehicles. They are the correct specification and RVS delivered them to us, ready for work, in a matter of weeks.

We used to have to do all the specifications ourselves and then wait months and months for the new vehicle to arrive from the manufacturer. At RVS they do it all under one roof, which is much more straightforward for us.”

Ben Phillips, Operations Director, Alpha Logic

"This new addition to our fleet means that we can provide the very best service direct to our customers rather than through subcontractors as we have done previously.

The Mercedes Econic Dennis Olympus 23 W body is fitted with a Beta trade bin lift and an AMCS weighing system.

Our aim is to save our customers time and money whilst minimizing their environmental impact. The new vehicle is incredible and has several state of the art features, from full weighing equipment to RFID reporting systems as well as a 360 degree camera system and full tracking."

Steve Duly, Commercial Manager, Wastecycle

“Such is the standard of workmanship from RVS that the remanufactured bodies are immaculate, so if we need to we can mount them onto new chassis in a year or two. Remanufacturing has provided us with a flexible, cost effective and sustainable way to renew our fleet that enables us to stand by the principles of recycling that are the foundation of our business. With some current new vehicle lead times anything between 6 & 12 months, the remanufactured option allows us to respond very quickly to demand for our services. Next time we will go straight to RVS.”

Simon Almond, Managing Director, Devon Contract Waste

“RVS has a solution for everything refuse-vehicle related and I honestly don’t know any other company with their range of expertise and capabilities.  Usually if we order a new refuse vehicle it is our responsibility to choose the body and the chassis and specify the bin lifting equipment plus the vehicle ancillaries.  That is time-consuming and we might not choose the best solution.  RVS does all that for us.  We have put our trust in them time and again and they’ve never let us down. They take our older trucks, and find a place for them, so we maximise the value of our assets and the Parts department can source anything we need. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Donagh O'Sullivan, Managing Director, Galliard Construction

"We purchased a Quality Used refuse vehicle from RVS a few years ago and we have been very impressed with both the presentation and performance of the vehicle so naturally we went back to them when we needed to expand our fleet again.  This time they have remanufactured a vehicle to our exact specifications and we have saved around 50% of the cost had we bought it direct from the manufacturer.  It promises the same operational longevity but has enabled us to reduce our capital spend so its a win win, plus we know from previous experience that the after sales support from RVS is exemplary."

Irvine Morrison, General Manager – East, William Tracey Group

"The standard of the vehicles from RVS is such they provide a cost effective, practical and sustainable alternative to buying new when we need to expand our fleet. Reusing vehicles in this way complements our mission to achieve zero waste for our business as well as our customers."

Mark Taylor, Managing Director, Aspects Solutions Ltd

"RVS are the first people I went to and I’m already planning on purchasing more vehicles from them in the future. Spencer and the team at RVS do a fantastic job and the vehicles are in mint condition."

Phillip Stone, Select Environmental Services

"The great thing about RVS is that you can trust them.  Their attention to detail is excellent and they are very particular about the vehicles they supply.  I’m a perfectionist but they notice things about vehicles that even I don’t. We have been let down in the past with used vehicles but I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to RVS. Their reputation speaks for itself, and in future when we need a new vehicle they will be my first port of call."

Rob Bell, Managing Director, Ubico Ltd

"We are delighted with the quality of service and product RVS is providing and their professional approach has made the purchase of quality used vehicles the most cost effective and efficient way to update our fleet."

Sean Spoors, General Manager, Nordic Recycling

"We investigated the second hand market place and RVS were recommended to us time and again. When we visited RVS we liked what we saw and compared to the other providers we spoke to, they were much more professional and responsive. The crew are also delighted with the new vehicles and that all the vehicles will be the same. They are also relieved not to suffer vehicles that break down all the time."

Joe Roger, Director, Fresh Start Waste Services

"Thank you again for your help, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you and your services."

Chris Brown, Assistant Fleet Manager- Denbighshire County Council

"RVS delivered us an immaculate, fully MOT’d, serviced and re-sprayed used truck in under 5 weeks.  It’s difficult to tell the vehicle apart from a new truck, such is the quality of presentation.”

Mark Cairns, Transport Manager- Binnwaste Management

 “We visited RVS and we were very impressed with what we saw.  We got a brilliant motor for half the cost of a new one and it was delivered in under 9 weeks. There is no reason for us to go elsewhere.”

Danny Healey, Transport & Logistics Manager- Malvern Hills District Council

“Four weeks after we’d seen the vehicles, they were delivered to us, I couldn’t believe they were the same vehicles. Put them side by side with our new vehicles and you can’t tell the difference.”

Vince Whelan, Managing Director- London Waste Solutions

“We are delighted with the service from RVS and the vehicle is in stunning condition. We would definitely consider purchasing more vehicles from RVS in the future.”

Andy Gibbons, Managing Director- Equinox Recycling Ltd

"RVS had a vehicle matching our needs and re-manufactured the body and bin lifts to such a superb standard. The vehicle is unrecognisable from its original state and the service from RVS has been spot on."

Mike Banham, General Manager- Shorts Group

“The quality of refuse trucks from RVS is difficult to tell apart from new vehicles, and the cost is around 40% less, which is significant.  All in all we felt the RVS vehicles offered us a better spend for our money and we’re not disappointed. The vehicles are immaculate.”

Martin Britchford, Fleet Buyer - Swindon Commercial Services

"You would think it was a new vehicle, such is its condition, both inside and out.  Even now some of the crew just can’t accept that it is a re-manufactured vehicle because it looks brand new.

I would have no hesitation in obtaining more vehicles from RVS.  There is definitely a niche in the market place for this kind of quality of second hand vehicle."

Jon Wiley, Managing Director- TQ Recycling

“The vehicles are immaculate and offer a far greater return on investment than buying new. The RVS team have been nothing but helpful and we won’t hesitate to go back again for more vehicles.”

Neil Taylor, Managing Director - Neil Taylor Paper Recycling Ltd

"The vehicle was presented to us in superb condition and has impressed our existing clients as well asattracting the attention of some new customers. We have been able to expand our collection capabilities and meet the needs of a wider range of clients."

Phillip Stopp, General Manager - Logistics, Grundon Waste Management Ltd

"The knowledge and technical abilities of the RVS team are second to none, both in re-manufacturing and modifying vehicles.  The vehicles are of a very high calibre, and the service is always reliable and efficient."

David Harrison - Galliard Construction Limited

"RVS response and service has been excellent. We needed a replacement vehicle that conformed to the latest Euro 4 emmisions and were provided with with a superb quality second hand vehicle, remanufactured to a high specification and fully compliant with regulations. The savings were significant too; the same vehicle, bought new, would have cost three times as much."

David Hamer, Group Managing Director - Pakawaste Limited

"RVS have supplied the majority of vehicles for our new hire division and we are delighted with every aspect of their service. The vehilces were remanufactured to the highest standards, MOT'd and serviced before being delivered 'as new', all in under 6 weeks. Since then the after-sales and back up service has been terrific."