The e-One Electric Refuse Vehicle

“Probably the most advanced Electric-Repower Solution in the world”

 RVS are ecstatic to announce the all-electric e-One refuse collection vehicle (RCV). The e-One is the result of a joint initiative with Dutch electric conversion experts EMOSS to convert diesel vehicles into electric vehicles.

The e-One is zero emissions and zero noise, and comes with a five-year battery warranty. It’s efficient, safe and user-friendly with on-screen monitors for drivers to check battery life. 

We can repower your existing refuse vehicle and deliver a brand-new electric-powered vehicle within 16 weeks. An electric conversion on an existing vehicle will save in excess of £100,000 when compared to purchasing a new electric vehicle directly from a manufacturer. 

  • 24-month conversion kit warranty
  • 5 year or 3000 charging cycle battery warranty 
  • 1 year refurbished body and bin-lift warranty
  • Full speed capacity of 56 mph
  • Full driver and operations training
  • Optional super-fast charging
  • Tried and tested with over 500 vehicles in operation
  • 24hr support line

Over time, converting to an e-One simply pays for itself. A diesel Euro 6 vehicle costs an average of £105 a day to run, whereas the e-One only costs £14 a day.

Invest In Your Business’ Future With An e-One Electric Refuse Vehicle

That £91 a day saving spread over a year can save you up to £33,215. And, once converted, the e-One also requires less maintenance than a traditional RCV.

So not only are you helping to work towards a brighter, cleaner future, you’re also saving money in the process.

Find Out More About The e-One 

The e-One has been met with excitement across the industry. Our friendly team of experts are ready to help you convert to electric-powered RCVs and invest in your business's future.

Get in touch today to find out more about the e-One electric refuse vehicle.



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