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RVS Expands Contract Maintenance Services

More and more local authorities and private waste management companies are asking Refuse Vehicle Solutions Ltd (RVS) to help them maintain their waste and recycling collection fleets.

Spencer Law said: “Over the years we have expanded our team and our service offering so that we can take care of every need our customers may have, all under one roof.  Whether they want to buy or hire a new or Quality Used vehicle, have their own vehicles remanufactured, or someone to maintain and service their fleet, we have a team of experts who can help.”

Bristol Waste Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Council) manages a fleet of 180 vehicles for the Authority, 30 of which are refuse vehicles.

Iain Fortune, Fleet Manager, Bristol Waste Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol Council) explains: “We have a small work force and RVS has an excellent reputation for this kind of work.  They gave a competitive quote and are now undertaking a planned repair and service programme to give our vehicles a second lease of life.”

RVS have started giving a mid-life overhaul to trucks, extending the life of Bristol Council’s waste collection fleet.

“RVS always exceed our expectations and the vehicles have come back in excellent condition. We say we need the vehicles on Friday and they deliver them on the Wednesday or Thursday! We are impressed and considering using their vehicle hire services in the future too.”

Over in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, leading commercial waste management company Simply Waste Solutions has chosen RVS to support its fleet of 42 vehicles, both for short-term hire vehicles and a maintenance contract to keep its own vehicles in tip-top condition.

Adam Weedon, Simply Waste said: “RVS came in and assessed all of our vehicles before drawing up a specification of what they would recommend to bring them back to new.  They service all our vehicle bodies and bin lifts every 6 months, spotting any problems early and preventing big repair bills.”

The programme of repairs and maintenance is now underway and the vehicles are rotated in and out of the workshop eliminating any disruption to Simply Waste’s collection schedule.

Adam added: “The service is brilliant and they have been fantastic.  We probably use all of their departments. Their Parts service is great for any small jobs that we can carry out ourselves.”


RVS Expands Contract Maintenance Services